You have a great idea. Is patenting the best way to protect it? How much do patents cost? How do you find out if your idea is patentable?
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January 2005--New SBIR Size Standards Proposed; As Fees Increase USPTO Fee Diversions Continue; Radical Changes Proposed to U.S. Patent System; University of Hawaii Business Plan Competition

October 2004--The Patenting Process; U.S. Patent System in Crisis; Proposed Small Business Size Standards Withdrawn

July 2004--Alert: Patent Fee Increases Coming Soon; Complaints Against Invention Promoters Posted by USPTO; Whereby and Thereby Clauses in Patent Claims

April 2004--How to Patent an Improved Version of Your Invention; Proposed Small Business Size Standards; Access a Free Archive of High-Technology Entrepreneurship Resources

January 2004--Federal Trade Commission Proposes Congress Weaken U.S. Patent System; Changes in International Patent Application (PCT) System

October 2003--How to Accelerate Examination of Your Patent Application; Advantages of Attending the 2003 Hawaii SBIR/STTR Conference

July 2003--The Importance of Documenting Invention Conception and Diligence; How the USPTO 21st Century Strategic Plan Hurts Small Entities

April 2003--Some Surprising Advantages of International Patent Applications; Small Businesses - Big Inventions

January 2003--How to Overcome Obviousness Rejections of Your Patent Claims; USPTO Independent Inventor Website

October 2002--The Importance of Claiming All You Disclose; Avoiding Claim-Breadth-Narrowing Pitfalls; University of Hawaii Business Plan Competition

July 2002--Tax on Inventing; U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Federal Circuit Festo Decision; Tips on How to Prepare an Invention Disclosure

April 2002--Differences and Overlap in Inventorship and Ownership; How Ownership (and Federal Grant Awards) Can Affect Patentability

January 2002--Options for Intellectual Property Protection of Plants; Examples of Claims in Issued Patents on Plants

October 2001--Myths and Misunderstandings about Provisional Patent Applications; Small Business Innovation Research Conferences

July 2001--Using Linking Claims to Reduce Patent Costs; How to Protect "New Use" Inventions

April 2001--Deciding Whether to To Publish Your Patent Application; Understanding the Effect of Admissions During Patent Prosecution

January 2001--How to Respond to an Office Action; Reauthorization of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

October 2000--Patent Marketplaces on the Web; Understanding Novelty Search Results; Interpreting Patent Claims

July 2000--How to Preserve Patent Rights; Patent Cost Allowability for Small Businesses; Deciding When an Invention is Ready for Patenting

April 2000--Content of Provisional Patent Applications; Recently-Issued E-Commerce Patents

December 1999--Explanation of the Concept of Non-Obviousness

July 1999--Claiming Biotechnologies; Patentability of Computer-Implemented Business Processes

February 1999--On-Sale Bar to Patentability

September 1998--Patentability of Business Systems

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