You have a great idea. Is patenting the best way to protect it? How much do patents cost? How do you find out if your idea is patentable?
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by Robert M. Hunter, Registered Patent Agent


Patent Agents & Patent Attorneys provides a worldwide listing of Patent Attorneys & Agents with information how to contact them.

Associations & Organizations, the Association of University Technology Managers, is a nonprofit professional and educational society created to assist administrators of patent and copyright programs at universities to license technologies, encourage the production of inventions, and to make appropriate recommendations to assure the effective transfer of technology to the public.

ATP Funding Agency

This National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) site presents an overview of the Advanced Technology Program and how to apply for funding.

Books & Publications

GreatIdeaGear.Com...the books and software you need to get you from concept to success. A terrific online resource specially for inventors. Tell them we sent you!


Derwent's comprehensive coverage of global scientific and technical developments will help you monitor your competitors, develop your research and business strategies, and protect your own patent portfolio. Elder LLC provides personalized marketing and management services to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. While small business operators readily accept the need for legal or accounting services, they often overlook the importance of hiring professional consultants in the other facets of small business development and operations.
Cavaliere & FullerCavalier & Fuller - use our proven know-how to help move your mechanical invention, product or manufacturing project to the next level. Please download our PDF package for more information. Berkeley F. Fuller (808) 960-2139

CRADA Funding Agencies

The Department of Navy CRADA Guidelines describe the Navy's CRADA practice.

Federal Laboratories Laboratory Consortium. This site provides links to technologies and assistance available from federal laboratories.

Government Patent Offices
USPTO other patent office web page provides links to other patent office websites. Tour the world of patents!

I&I & NICE3 Funding Agency
Do you have a plan to develop a company based on your energy-saving invention or innovation? Have you been searching for financial and technical support to bring your idea to market? The U.S. Department of Energy's Inventions and Innovation Program can help. site presents an overview of the NICE3 program.


Franklin Pierce Law Center has some great information for all levels of inventors.

Inventor Services

TheNational Invention Fraud Center provides information to inventors about invention promotion companies and how to market their invention themselves.

Loan Financing

Small Business Administration Loan Programs. This site describes SBA loan programs.

Public Offerings

SoundView Technology Group. This site describes the investment banking services of SoundView Technology Group. site describes the services of Direct Stock Market, Inc.

SBIR/STTR Resources Help Desk by PBC Inc. provides the only comprehensive (government-wide) SBIR Help Desk service. Note that PBC provides a toll free number so anyone can call PBC for free assistance with their SBIR issues. Inc. SBIR Support Services presents the capabilities of PBC Inc. as the premiere SBIR support company in the country. Its real differentiator is that PBC works across the entire range of SBIR issues from marketing and proposal development to accounting and commercialization. Mark Henry works for PBC Inc. and teaches proposal writing skills at many national SBIR conferences. SBIR Resouce Center by JADE Research Corporation has been the leading supplier of business development resources to the SBIR/STTR community since 1993.
http://www.inknowvation.comIn-Know-Vation Online by Innovation Development Institute is an important effort to establish and support a viable, highly functional SBIR community resource.
http://www.sbtc.orgThe Small Business Technology Coalition (SBTC) is a non-partisan, non-profit industry association dedicated to promoting the creation and growth of research-intensive, technology-based U.S. small businesses. SBIR Initiative provides support for SBIR/STTR competitors in Montana.
http://www.sbhti.orgThis site presents information developed by the Small Business High Technology Institute.
The Small Business Administration Office of Technology presents information about SBIR and STTR programs at this site as well as links to related sites.

Venture Capital Capital Electronic Network (ACE-Net). This site describes a Web-based angel capital network sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).
The search engine, BIZ Excite, presents financing ideas.
Colorado Capital Alliance. This non-profit organization is an example of a state angel capital network.
EntreWorld. This is another "how-to" site for entrepreneurs presented by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.
FinanceHub. This site by InterSoft Solutions, Inc. provides links to many funding sites.
Idea Cafe. This site presents financing ideas.

Investment Now! Master Plan Strategies is a consulting firm that assists entrepreneurs who want to raise capital from investors or plan for a future business divestment. An investment program can include raising capital privately through personal contacts or from the public; A divestment includes any transfer of the Company's assets, including a sale or merger.
Venture Capital Online. This site is sponsored by Batterson Venture Partners, a venture capital management firm.

Job Services

JobBank USA JobBank USA - specializes in providing career information including job and resume database services to job candidates, employers and recruitment firms in the U.S. and worldwide.

Biotechnology Services

Biotechnology Resources - biotechnology related news, books and web resources.

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