You have a great idea. Is patenting the best way to protect it? How much do patents cost? How do you find out if your idea is patentable?

Robert M. Hunter, Ph.D.

Registered Patent Agent

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Robert M. Hunter Registered Patent Agent
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Serving innovating organizations and independent inventors.

You have a great idea. What do you do next?

Determine the best way(s) to protect your invention.

My twenty years of technology management experience allow me to quickly identify the best protection techniques for an idea, from a simple product to the most complex high technology. I work from an in-depth understanding of the product development process, having managed sixteen Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects in fields that ranged from consumer products to biotechnologies to Internet software.

Find out whether your invention is new.

Millions of inventions have been patented. Sorting through all those documents can be a daunting task. Let me coordinate a focused novelty search by an expert in searching the field of your invention.

Establish that your invention meets patentability requirements.

U.S. patentability rules are the most complex in the world. After the results of a novelty search are available, I can evaluate the patentability of your invention before you incur the considerable expense of a patent application.

Obtain strong patent protection.

Preparing a patent application and, especially, writing patent claims and negotiation of the wording of the claims with a patent Examiner are complex tasks. The strength of your patent will depend on the experience and skill of the patent practitioner you retain. As a registered patent agent with over 30 patents of my own, I can prepare and file a U.S. or international patent application for you that maximizes the value of your invention at reasonable cost.

Maximize the value of your intellectual property. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I can help you develop a plan for protecting your invention and to receive a free e-mail newsletter.

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